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Mary Buchanan
Tennyson, 1911, relief profile portrait 
£ 1950

Christine Risley
Town Birds 1954 
£ 875

Nora Yoxall
Standing figure 
£ 2650

Muriel Pemberton
Chelsea Old Church from the north-east 
£ 1320

Dorothy Mahoney
Oak Cottage from the back garden 
£ 1250

Catherine Olive Moody
Bedroom of a derelict house, 1958 
£ 3100

Margaret Gere
The Kitchen Range, circa 1910 
£ 4240

Catherine Olive Moody
The beggars opera, circa 1940 
£ 1200

Muriel Pemberton
Birch trees - Richmond Park 
£ 2110

Annunciation with Lincoln Cathedral... 
£ 6000

Margaret Gere
Still Life 
£ 3740

Dorothy Mahoney
Walled Garden Amongst Kentish Orchards 
£ 5230

Rosalie Brill
Portrait of the artist's husband 
£ 2380

Jean Clark
Study for the Committee Room of the... 

Kathleen Guthrie
Fom a painting by Cecil Stephenson 1938 
£ 2380

Mary Adshead
An English Holiday - Village Inn, 1928 

Muriel Minter
Rest, above Rochester 
£ 580

Kathleen Guthrie
Original design for white red and... 
£ 3960

Kathleen Guthrie
Original design for 5 squares 
£ 2090

Mary Adshead
An English Holiday - The Puncture, 1928 

Kathleen Guthrie
Light no. 1 1964 
£ 4950

Winifred Knights
The Potato Harvest 

Evelyn Dunbar
Seven Days 

Evelyn Dunbar
Portrait of the artistís mother 

Evelyn Dunbar
Milking Practice with Artificial Udders 

Clare Leighton
Marble Quarrying, 1949-50 

A Cornish Farmhouse, circa 1926 

Winifred Knights
Edge of Abruzzi....boat with three... 

Winifred Knights
Design for Wall Decoration, circa 1918 

Winifred Knights
Study for 'Design for Wall... 

Gladys Hynes
Noah's Art, 1919 

Isobel Atterbury Heath
Two women arc welding, 'War 39-46' 

Phyliss Dodd
Reading Boswell, 1947 

Phoebe Peto Willets-Dickinson
Young woman in a beret 

Evelyn Dunbar
The Dunbar family in the Garden at... 

Evelyn Dunbar
Sleeping Beauty 

Barbara Jones
The Resort, 1950 

Drusilla Mary Way
Village Scene, August 1928 

Barbara Jones
Marconi Transmitting the First Radio... 

Isabel Muriel
GR Soliloquises 11-1923 

Anne Newland
Study for 'The Legend of Ceres'  

Nellie Joshua
Heatherley's Art School, circa 1902 

Paule Vezelay
Tubes and Rubans 

Sylvia Gosse
In the Kitchen 

Evelyn Gibbs
The original pen and ink drawing for... 

Rachel Reckitt
Girl having her hair combed, c.1960 

Evelyn Gibbs
The Chapel, 1928 

Evelyn Gibbs
The Road, 1925 

Evelyn Gibbs
The Graveside, 1928 

Barbara Jones
Black Eyes and Lemonade 

Clara Klinghoffer
The Artist's Sister, circa 1919 

Ethel Hunter
French soldiers and Bouquinistes... 

Clare Winsten
Untitled composition, 1912 

Gladys Hynes
Noah's Artk, circa 1918 

Doris Zinkeisen
Wear and Tear, circa 1935 

Anna Zinkeisen
All the Colours of the Rainbow 

Audrey Weber
The Studio, circa 1927