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Henry Morley (1870 - 1937)

Chronology: 1870 Henry Morley was born in Nottingham c1890’s Trained at Nottingham School of Art and Academie Julien in Paris c1894 Moved to Cambuskenneth in Stirling Lived as a lodger at 101 St. James Orchard 1901 Henry Morley married Isobel Miller Hutchison 1901-1910 The Morleys lived at Whins of Milton 1906 Tom Morley born, 15 February 1910-1937 Lived at The Gables; designed by Crawford & Fraser of Stirling for the Morleys 1910 Sandford Morley born at The Gables 1937 Henry Morley died in Stirling, aged 67 1948 Isobel Morley died in Dunblane, 7 July, aged 75

Portrait of a lady
Henry Morley
Portrait of a lady  Sold