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Viola Paterson (1899 - 1981)

Painter, draughtsman and printmaker, born in Helensburgh, near Glasgow. Viola was a member of the distinguished Paterson family of artists and she was equally talented as a Colourist in oil, in watercolour and as a lithographer and engraver. As a teenager at a finishing school in London, around 1917-18, she studied with Henry Tonks at the Slade School of Fine Art, from 1919-23 attending the Glasgow School of Art under Maurice Greiffenhagen. In 1924-5 she studied in Paris at L'Academie de la Grand Chaumiere with Lucien Simon Besnard and then with Andre Lhote and thereafter continued to paint in Paris, although she also travelled widely in Europe. At the outbreak of World War II she moved to the south of France, but returned to Britain in 1941. During the war she worked for several years for the Admiralty in Oxford, after the war living in Chelsea, returning to Helensburgh in 1955. the family home, The Long Croft, had been designed by her


 Horsetail shoots (Equisetum sp)...
Viola Paterson
Horsetail shoots (Equisetum sp)...  For sale
Autumnal picnic, c. 1930
Viola Paterson
Autumnal picnic, c. 1930  For sale
Street scene, c. 1920
Viola Paterson
Street scene, c. 1920  Sold 
Eight O'Clock Mass, 1933
Viola Paterson
Eight O'Clock Mass, 1933  Sold 
Bathsheba, circa 1925
Viola Paterson
Bathsheba, circa 1925  Sold