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Evelyn Monnington (fl 1930 to 1970)

Evelyn Monnington, (ne Hunt) trained at the Royal College of Art in the 1930's.  After this she worked for Heals and other designers.  During the War she worked with the Camouflage Department and later as a Canal Boatwoman.   Her war dairies from 1943 have been  serialized in Canals Rivers & Boats Magazine. She became the second wife of Tom Monnington in 1948; (Winifred Knights, Monnington's first wife had died in 1947).  She first met Monnington whilst working for the Camouflage Department.

Sailor playing the Accordeon, 1930's
Evelyn Monnington
Sailor playing the Accordeon, 1930's  Sold 
The Visitors Bedroom
Evelyn Monnington
The Visitors Bedroom  Sold