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Michael Ford (1920-2005)

Michael Ford, a freelance artist, was born in Winchester on 28 July 1920. His father Major Edward Maurice Ford MC was a soldier, farmer and managing director of a seed merchants company on the Winchester/Basingstoke borders at Quidhampton Farm, Overton. His mother Phyllis Louisa Young contracted rubella during her pregnancy and, as a consequence, Michael was born deaf. As a child he attended, along with other children from Quidhampton, the 'Home School', which his mother started on their farm. Here he learned the basic skills of lip reading, and developed his artistic skills. His mother took the view that her son had to live in a hearing world, and thus did not teach him sign language. Ford received his art training at Goldsmith's College Art School from 1937-40 under the Principal, Clive Gardiner, who was an excellent teacher. He travelled daily to London and was 'very popular there and in spite of his handicap entered into all th


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Michael Ford
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