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Douglas Percy Bliss (1900-1984)

Douglas Percy Bliss (28 January 1900–11 March 1984) was a Scottish painter and art conservationist. Bliss's family was from Northamptonshire, England. Bliss himself was born in Karachi, India (now in Pakistan). Bliss was raised in Edinburgh and educated at George Watson's College from 1906 to 1917.Bliss left school in 1917 to join the Highland Light Infantry until the end of WW1In 1922 he was awarded an M.A. in English Literature by the University of Edinburgh. He had studied Art History in his first year. Bliss then studied painting at the Royal College of Art in London. In his post-graduate year he studied engraving. In 1925 the Oxford University Press published his engravings illustrating Border ballads. Bliss then received a number of commissions, including a commission to write A History of Wood Engraving. This work received such critical acclaim that Bliss’ reputation as an artist was overshadowed by his reputation as a critic


Boy Scaring Crows, 1925
Douglas Percy Bliss
Boy Scaring Crows, 1925  For sale 
The Game Keeper, 1935
Douglas Percy Bliss
The Game Keeper, 1935  For sale