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Alfred John Nunney (1897-1966)

Nunney produced posters used to promote the war effort during the Second World War and, around 1947, a number of posters describing various aspects of education around the British Colonial Empire. He was represented by both W. Partridge and Rogers & Co. Contributed to Swift Annual and Bible Story.His first commercial work is recorded as early as 1923 around which time he was living at Lincoln's Inn, Holborn. In the mid-1930s he was living in New Maldon.  His exact dates of birth and death are at this point unknown.  He might have been the A. J. Nunney living in Ewell in the 1970s. He might be Albert John Nunney (1898-1990) who died in Cheltenham, Glos., aged 91. We are grateful to Steve at Bear Alley for assistance.Commercial artist and poster designer born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in 1897. Nothing is known about his early life, but it is known that his first commercial work is recorded as early as 1923 around w


By candllelight
Alfred John Nunney
By candllelight  For sale
Pouting, sultry.....circa 1950
Alfred John Nunney
Pouting, sultry.....circa 1950  For sale
Back to School, late 1930's
Alfred John Nunney
Back to School, late 1930's  For sale
The Ferryman, circa 1940
Alfred John Nunney
The Ferryman, circa 1940  For sale
A matter of trust.....
Alfred John Nunney
A matter of trust.....  For sale
On board, circa 1940
Alfred John Nunney
On board, circa 1940  For sale
Girls Shrimping
Alfred John Nunney
Girls Shrimping  Sold 
Sea Breeze
Alfred John Nunney
Sea Breeze  Sold 
Ice Hockey
Alfred John Nunney
Ice Hockey  Sold 
A moments pause, 1940
Alfred John Nunney
A moments pause, 1940  Sold 
Golfing break, circa 1935
Alfred John Nunney
Golfing break, circa 1935  Sold