Charles Cundall:
Rome: the Tiber island, Isola Tiberina

Mounted (ref: 1663)
Oil on paper, 8 x 15 in. (20x 38 cm.)


Provenance: Jaqueline Peterson

During the inter-war years Cundall travelled extensively throughout Europe.  Amongst his most memorable works are the rapid plein air sketches such as this which were  painted in situ.

Cundall exhibtied the following Roman subjects at the Royal Academy: Studios of Rome, 1932 (479); The Forum, 1948 (593); Keats House:the Spanish Steps, Rome, 1948 (671) Piazza del popolo, Rome 1949 (379); Ponte Vecchio,1949, (261)

We are grateful to Dr Iain Gordon Brown for identifying the subject of this sketch.