Charles Cundall:
St Paulís and London from the Thames, during the Blitz, 1943

Framed (ref: 2608)

Signed and dated; stamped on the reverse with studio stamp

Oil on canvas, 15 1/4 x 21 1/4 in. (38.5 x 54 cm)


Literature: Charles Cundall - A Working Method, Edited by Sacha Llewellyn & Paul Liss, published by Liss Llewellyn Fine Art, February 2016.

St Paulís Cathedral became an inspiration to the British people during the SecondWorldWar .The general population was subjected to the might of the German airforceís Blitzkrieg attack on major cities across the UK.Throughout the Blitz, St Paulís miraculously escaped major bomb damage, whilst buildings in the surrounding areas were reduced to rubble. Images of St Paulís framed by the smoke and fire became a symbol of the nationís indomitable spirit. In 1945 services at St Paulís,marking the end of the war in Europe, were attended by 35,000 people.