Evelyn Dunbar:
The Dunbar family in the Garden at The Cedars, (Version 2 - Spring), [HMO 74]

Framed (ref: 6674)
Pencil and oil on paper.† 14Ĺ x 19Ĺ in. (37 x 50 cm)

Provenance: Roger Folley; Alasdair Dunbar; Hammer Mill Oast Collection

Exhibited: Evelyn Dunbar - The Lost Works, Pallant House Gallery, October 2015 - February 2016 cat no. 2. Literature:†Evelyn Dunbar -†The Lost Works, eds Sacha Llewellyn & Paul Liss, July 2015,†cat. 2,†page 34: Evelyn Dunbar: A Life in Painting, Christopher Campbell-Howes, October 2016, page 49. This composition depicts William Dunbar, Evelynís father, showing eggs to Evelynís mother Florence. Marjorie, Evelynís sister, is in the foreground (wearing a blazer) while her brothers Alec and Ronald are seen on the path on the left-hand side. Evelyn is playing badminton with her sister Jessie in the background. Florence Dunbar is shown symbolically in front of a mulberry tree, suggesting that in time she might become a sort of matriarch to her childrenís children. In fact all the Dunbar siblings died childless except Alec, who had one son, Alasdair, who died in 2015.