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Evelyn Dunbar:
A set of 20 vignettes, purpose unknown, several of which can be associated with decorative projects Dunbar was involved with in the mid-1930

Framed (ref: 6754)
Ink on paper. 12 x 8¼ in. (30.5 x 21 cm)

Provenance: Charles Mahoney

Exhibited: Evelyn Dunbar - The Lost Works, Pallant House Gallery, October 2015 - February 2016, cat 124. Literature: Evelyn Dunbar - The Lost Works, eds Sacha Llewellyn & Paul Liss, July 2015, cat 124, page 175. Fig. 98; Evelyn Dunbar: A Life in Painting, Christopher Campbell-Howes, October 2016, page 136. It’s possible that Dunbar referred to this sheet of 25 sketches in a letter to Charles Mahoney dated 27th November, 1935, where she writes ‘Brockley Wed Dear Mate [6 kisses, followed by the remark ‘Cherry pie ones special’] It’s 6 o’clock & I’m still at the school! I worked hard today as it was light & enjoyed meself painting pinks and pictores [Latin, i.e. ‘painters’] and parrot-cages. I’ve scribbled down a few ideas which may be drawn upon for the quilt, otherwise can be used they may be useful for other things. My head’s been simply teeming with ‘em, could have done dozens more!! Expect you have been the same. [...] Several of these motifs appear in the Brockley Murals, e.g. the swinging lamp (The Spider and the Silkworms) and the hens beneath the apple tree (The Hare and the Partridge).