Walter Bonner Gash:
Design for a camera advertisement

Framed (ref: 788)

 Gouache, 24 x 19 in. (61 x 48 cm.)


Provenance: The Artist's daughter
Exhibited: Walter Bonner Gash, Unsung Edwardian Hero, cat 1
Literature: Walter Bonner Gash, Unsung Edwardian Hero, p.17

From his time at Lincoln, Gash proved to be a highly adept graphic artist.
Yet it was probably in Antwerp, in a country that was responsible for the most important and innovative contributions to Art Nouveau, that he developed the flamboyant and bold style seen in this group of designs.
Although limited records exist of his work as a commercial artist he was known to have executed posters and frontispieces for events in his home town in Kettering, as well as the emblem for the town’s art society.